Important UPDATES!

1. 20th April 2020 : Eshop Data upload (Manual)
  • Items pricing data Uploaded as at 19:30
  • Stock Levels are updated as well!
  • * Exception — Monitors and Webcams : Unable to have accurate stock levels.

If there’s stock in Store, will be allocated to Lazada Shop first.

2.  24th April 2020 : Order Processing Hours (Please click here for details)
  • Moving forward from tomorrow onwards.  We will be only be posting updates (in detail) in our NEWS section.
  • Less slides to take up the space = less rotation of slides.
  • Lets reserve that for more major promotions and photos!
  • Ensure that in your account, the email address is valid.  We will communicate with you via EMAIL for your orders. 
  • IF we are unable to reach you via email, the system will not be able send you ORDER updates as well.

** Received quite a number of Undeliverable Mail messages when the system send Auto messages for your initial sign up.

Step 1 : Like our FB!
Step 2 : FB Login via Our Login (My Account) Page OR
Click :

I understand that quite a number of you are still tagged as Customer (Normal Member), we are progressively going to change your Member status to FB Member. 


Will post your UserName in our NEWS section later.  IF you are one of them, please kindly email to [email protected] to update your Email address which you use in your Facebook Account 

(FB Member Login works on using FB API to link up to our ESHOP system)

As we are moving on to better SEO experiences, we are progressively changing the way we name our product photos’ filenames.

All will be in lowercase, and that also affected our PDF embedded in the Product Description.

  1. Manual renaming the filenames to lowercase and
  2. Change the shortcodes accordingly for each product description.

Will solve this asap! 

30 Days Exchange
ONE to ONE exchange except for physical damage.
Distributor Warranty
Warranty provided by Local Distributors. No parallel imports.
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